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February 15 2015

holy crap this thing still exists what

June 23 2013

i want soup to revive so i can say "where did you come from where did you go where did you come from"
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June 16 2013

i shout. is anybody here?? my voice echoes back on itself a thousand times before dying out. i fall to my knees. who is going to be in awe of my canon url now
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soup is going so slow... feeling souper souper souper... suicidal
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everywhere is a bed if you try hard enough

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June 09 2013


Rest In Peace Soup.Io

you will be missed
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i like how we all want to revive soup but instead of actually coming on soup we all just come on once a day to post about how much we want to revive soup


naegis face turns bright red in the middle of his detention and i always thought it was because he was freaking out since hes about to be killed bUT NO

he starts off looking down


and when he looks up this happens almost immediately



its because of the god damn sex ed lesson there???? hES BLUSHING

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we need a soup family reunion
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June 08 2013

i miss so much why must the good die young
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is anyone even here i cant even tell
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repost if ur icon is actually u
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i care about u all a lot i don't want this site to die
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the soup might get cold but the soup gang never dies
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i saw a tumblr with a link to their soup and i started to cry
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i find it funny how we're like "where is everyone" and all come online to repost that at different times and then post nothing else.
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May 29 2013

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